About Us

More than just a passion


… I don’t really need to say much about them do I?

Instead let me tell you a bit more about me and my business. 

Inspired succulents began as most businesses do. A dream and a slight addiction (to succulents). As my collection grew so did my love for them and as my love for them grew my said collection started to turn into a hot spot of plant trades & advice. 

The thrill of finding a succulent that you don’t have yet is a feeling like no other but what really made it apparent that I must turn my passion into a business was the thrill of the chase. Chasing down those elusive species, hunting and stalking that one Echeveria that you just HAVE to own. 

Fast forward 12 months, add in a lot of hard work cultivating stock, finding local growers and building important business relationships and you have us in the present day. A happy, enjoyable small local business who is now taking that leap into the big bad world of the World Wide Web. 

Both excited and scared we are armed and ready for the challenge. We hope you enjoy our products, friendly service as much as we enjoy providing them both.

Our Company

Running a business isn’t always easy, but it’s our common love for succulents that keeps us going.

Our succulent family consists of Kieran (me), Mark (my incredibly talented partner) and our two fur babies Miss Meow and Angel. Mark has supported my decisions and dreams since day one and without him and his incredible web design talents we wouldn’t be able to launch our website which will make ordering online easier and more accessible. 


The fur babies can’t go unaccredited either. After long and hard days working they always manage to make us smile and feel loved. 

So that’s our succulent family! We hope to get to know you all throughout our journey as fellow succulent addicts. Enjoy life and be kind to each other.

Feed your addiction!

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