Frequently Asked Questions

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We can deliver pots all over Australia, however there are state restrictions for Bio-Security protection in WA, NT and TAS so we cannot send plants in the mail to those areas. We can only send plant stocks to ACT, NSW, SA and VIC.

Please note that due to their fragile nature, our Arrangements are only available for pick-up. 

All of our plants are either locally grown, locally sourced or acclimated to Canberra region.

Our workshop is not open to the public, however we do showcase our plants, pots & arrangements at local Markets.

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Generally speaking, succulents only require water every 2-3 weeks in winter, and every 7-10 days in summer, depending on their species and position. If the leaves are wilting they may need more frequent watering but less water.

We tend to water our potted succulents / arrangements using a method called ‘bottom watering’. This just means the pots are placed in a container which is filled with enough water to reach half the height of the pots and left to soak up the water from the bottom for a couple of hours.

In winter, you will still need to provide protection for your succulents from potential frost damage if left outside. If you live in QLD where there isn’t any frost, then we’re jealous of you.

We use frost cloth for our outdoor succulents overnight, removing them in the morning so they soak up the UV rays.


Every Saturday we will be delivering local orders in the QBN/ACT region for those who have chosen local delivery as their ‘shipping’ method.

We will knock on the door of the address given to deliver & if there is no one home we will leave the order at your door or in an area you’ve nominated using the comment area when placing your order.

Information provided here is of a general nature and may not take into account your local growing conditions, level of care or experience you may have with succulents.

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